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Construction Driver

The Work:

Construction Drivers operate vehicles involved in the construction industry such as Belly Dumps, End dumps, Articulating End-dumps, Rock Buggies, Mixer Trucks, Water Trucks, Boom Trucks, Crew Bus, Forklifts, Fuel Trucks, and other kinds of vehicles used in the construction of facilities, dams, airports, highways, Ice roads. Drivers work in the sand and gravel, cement and asphalt, and oil and gas industries.

Working Conditions:

The work is outdoors and can depend on the weather. Bad weather can shut down jobs; vehicles are sometimes not operated in heavy snow or rain, depending on the job involved. The average Driver works 800 to 1,500 hours per year; depending on their job skills. Apprentices are sometimes required to commute long distances or to relocate for a few weeks or months to obtain gainful employment. Apprentices must be flexible and adaptable to different environments, job sites, and requirements.

The Apprenticeship

The term of apprenticeship is 3 years and requires a total of 3,200 hours of on-the-job training and 144 hours of classroom instruction per year.

Enrollment Period: Applications are accepted during an advertised opening, usually during Spring and Fall. Call the office for information on the enrollment period.

To Apply:
Alaska Teamster Employer Service Training Trust
520 E. 34th Ave, Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 278-3674 (phone)
(907) 279-6088 (fax)

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* The information presented on these pages may not contain every apprenticeship opportunity available in Alaska.  If you currently sponsor an apprenticeship program that meets U.S. Dept. of Labor standards and would like your information posted here please contact the AJCN web coordinator.

The Alaska Job Center Network is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request.
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