Veteran Recruitment Process

Government hiring managers, did you know that you can skip the normal lengthy formal hiring process by hiring a qualified disabled veteran?

Federal Government

Schedule A is an excepted service hiring authority available to federal agencies to hire and/or promote individuals with disabilities without advertising the job. Utilizing the Schedule A hiring authority to fill a vacancy allows federal agencies to avoid using the traditional, and sometimes lengthy competitive hiring process.

You are eligible for a Schedule A appointment if you are a person with a severe physical or mental disability, and meet the qualifications of the job in question. There are no specific definitions as to what qualifies as a “severe mental or physical disability” under Schedule A, so federal agencies are free to interpret the requirements broadly.

For more information visit OPM’s Training made simple

State Government

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (DVR) Provisional Hire Program allows a hiring manager to skip the normal hiring process and bring on a disabled veteran or non-veterans with disabilities for a provisional 4 month trial. Following the trial period the participant excused or may be kept on and appointed as a probationary employee retroactive to the date they were appointed a provisional employee.

For more information please view the Provisional Hire Program Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)