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Workers resources

Surviving a layoff

This is a survival guide for laid off workers and their families. Reading this won't get you a new job, but it can make the transition to a new job easier. After a layoff, people find new jobs, get additional training or change careers. The time involved may be a few days, weeks, or many months, and going through the process can be hard. Knowing what can happen when you are laid off can help you avoid some of the problems that other people have faced when they lost their jobs. Read more: Surviving a Layoff.

Job centers

Services that are available to you through your local Job Centers include use of computers, photocopier, telephones, and fax machines for your job search. A list of Job Centers that are located in Alaska can be found at

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

With many American jobs being lost due to foreign trade and the phenomenon commonly known as "off shoring," the federal government provides additional services to workers whose jobs are lost due to foreign trade or shifts in production out of the United States. While not all job loss due to foreign competition meets the requirements of the Trade Act, the Rapid Response team will work with your company to provide information on Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and the benefits you can receive if your company is certified as trade-affected. Your company, the Rapid Response team, or the workers themselves can file a trade petition with the United States Department of Labor. More information on the Trade Act program and it’s benefits can be located at

Veteran services

If you are a veteran, the Job Centers offer special services for veterans. More information can be located at

Unemployment Insurance

You can file your unemployment insurance online. More information can be located at

Job training opportunities

Job seeker resources

Labor market information

Find out what occupations in Alaska are the fastest growing, average wage, cost of living, etc.
America’s Labor Market information can be found at

Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS)

AKCIS is an annually updated online program that provides comprehensive, user-friendly career information. It is designed to help teens through adults explore career and educational opportunities in Alaska and throughout the U.S. You must have a username and password to use AKCIS. To access the system use aesmidtown for the username and 4akcis for the password.

Wage and Hour FAQs

Small business start-up

Starting and running a small business is a challenge and this website provides resources and information on how to make your business a success.

Alaska Growth Capital

The Alaska Growth Capital has the contacts and business knowledge that can help you get ahead.


AARP website provides information on job loss from age discrimination at work, can you be fired?

Free Computer Training

GCF Global Learning free, beginning computer courses and other learning opportunities.

Government Benefits is a FREE confidential prescreening tool where you can search for benefits you may be eligible to receive.

Emergency preparedness

Learn about emergency preparedness from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Learn how you and your family can be prepared for emergencies.

Local resources

The following is a list of resources such as assistance with training funding, legal services, food, housing childcare, etc. located in your area.